‘Viva La Vulva uncompromisingly demands an end to reductionist discourse on sexuality.’

Stephanie Burrell, Strand Magazine.


‘Wonderfully witty and unexpected; an interesting consideration of the performativity of gender and female orgasm.’

Hannah Brierly

​A celebration of female and non-binary sexuality. A rejection of the male gaze. An exploration into the complex relationships we have with sex and ourselves. The starting research for this project revealed common notions of shame and humiliation among women and non-binary individuals when talking about sex.


Viva la vulva aims to overcome these notions by showcasing a journey of empowerment. Stripping away the performative roles placed on us by oppressive social and patriarchal structures, we try to recapture an innocent curiosity for exploring our own bodies.


In normalising female masturbation as a form of self-care and making space and time for the orgasm, viva la vulva aims to shift attitudes forward, giving women and non-binary individuals a deeper sense of ownership within their sex.

Performed by Ronja Kasemi and Jay Yule. Image by Jack Luttman


VIVA LA VULVA ZINE was made in collaboration with a wider network of female identifying and non-binary artists who share an interest in digging into the nuances of female sexuality and how it is represented (or misrepresented) in society today.


Jay and collaborator Leah Airey are holding a series of live zine making workshops, as a chance for like minded people to come together to share stories and experiences in a supportive and inclusive environment. Whilst getting crafty and producing something tactile together in an increasingly tech focused world.


Their first workshop will be November 7th at the Albany Deptford 6-8pm and is completely free. 

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Jay works as a dance performer, choreographer and producer. Her work with dance artists Jo Fong, Janine Harrington and Theo Clinkard has fed into her creative practice, as well as her experience in puppetry, opera and immersive theatre. Jay is a member of the Yonis, a girl band crossing art forms, encouraging fellow women to take space and make noise. The content of her work is influenced by feminist philosophies, is of an existential nature and attempts to re-adress the audience and performer relationship. Jay tries to foster an inclusivity into the way she creates, making art which can be viewed by anyone with the hope of imparting a sense of activism from watching or taking part.

'Jay is equipped with a solid technique, vivid presence on stage, and a great wit but perhaps more importantly, she knows how to collaborate, consider and absorb direction.' - Theo Clinkard



jay.yule3@gmail.com | @jayyule